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Sox Story

Sox’s Medical Status: 
Recovered and adopted into a loving and safe home!

Cost Incurred to Date:

Funds Raised to Date:
- On-Line Contributions: $1,895
- FHFF Grant: $2,500

Sox’s Road to Recovery

Critter Crusaders received a request for help for Sox, an 8-month-old American Pit Bull puppy, in June of 2021.  Sox was accidentally choked on his cable tie out.  With a choking or asphyxiation incident in both humans and animals, the same process occurs.  

Beside hypoxia (lack of oxygen), the ligature around the neck that cuts off oxygen also causes internal pressure in the lungs - so air cannot escape and be blown off with exhalation.  The force of that trapped air causes the lungs to leak fluid, and this is exactly what happened to Sox.  

Sox was rushed to Blue Pearl Cedar Rapids and admitted to critical care with severe respiratory distress. Sox was placed on a ventilator and spent 3 days in an induced coma with the machines breathing for him. Without this piece of technology, Sox would not have lived.  The forced ventilation helped move the fluid from his lungs and took over oxygenating his body when he was just too tired to do it anymore.  

Aug 2021

Sox is recovered and ready for adoption! Critter Crusaders took Sox to Blue Pearl Cedar Rapids on Sunday, June 13th in very critical condition, where he spent several days on a mechanical ventilator. Now just a month and a half later, he is ready to start a new life.  

Aug 2021
Ready to Start a New Life!

We are thrilled to announce that Sox is adopted! This young boy was nearly asphyxiated when he was left out on a chain which became tightly wrapped and tangled around his neck. The damage that occurred from this incident was swift and dramatic. Sox spent 3 days in an induced coma and on a ventilator, trying to clear the fluid from his damaged lungs. Without the mechanical ventilation, he would have died. Thank you to everyone who donated to his care and believed his live could be saved.

Critter Crusaders reached out to the Friends Helping Friends Foundation for a grant to help with the medical costs.  FHFF was more than willing to chip in to help cover the more than $8000 medical bill. 

Many thanks Critter Crusaders for rescuing Sox, and to Dr. Erin McCormick from Blue Pearl CR for fostering Sox after being released from the hospital! Sox was adopted today to a new family and is ready to start his new life in loving hands.