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Kimble Medical Status:
Recovering well in foster care, Kimble is having the time of his life. His cast is off and he is gaining strength and coordination.
Cost Incurred To-date: $5,740

Funds Raised To-date:
On-line contributions - $15,870
Mail-in Contributions - $1,710
T-Shirt Sales Activity - $3,780

Apr 2021
Help is on the way

Kimble was transported to Blue Pearl of Cedar Rapids for emergency care and Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control began investigating the incident. Critter Crusaders facilitated surgical care for the puppy and he underwent surgery to repair a complex fracture of his right femur – very close to the knee joint. He also had multiple fractures in his right metacarpals.

Apr 2021
Kimble - A Special Name for this Special Boy

Critter Crusaders wanted a special name for this little boy. They chose something simple, memorable and with a little personality – Kimble, which means warrior, with the greatest instinct to survive. A reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for injuring Kimble was offered.

Apr 2021
Justice is served

A cooperative investigation by Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control and the Cedar Rapids Police Department resulted in a 22-year-old suspect being arrested for Animal Abuse Causing Serious Injury, an aggravated misdemeanor.

Apr 2021
A T-shirt Sales Drive was initiated to help raise funds

A T-shirt Sales Drive was initiated to help raise funds for legislative efforts to increase the penalties for animal abuse in Iowa. Online donation drives were also held to assist with Kimble’s medical costs for surgery and aftercare.

May 2021
Kimble’s former owner and abuser was sentenced

Kimble’s former owner and abuser was sentenced at the Linn County Courthouse for the aggravated misdemeanor charge of animal abuse and has agreed to without appeal, the maximum term of two years in prison.

Jun 2021
Gov. Reynolds signs bill to strengthen Iowa’s animal cruelty laws.

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG) - Gov. Reynolds signed the Community and Pet Protection Act into law on Monday, strengthening Iowa’s animal cruelty laws.
The Community and Pet Protection Act (HF737) passed the House unanimously (97-0) and passed the Senate (44-4) as well.

“HF737 is a significant step forward for Iowa, a state that has long been ranked as one of the worst in the nation for animal protection laws,” Iowa Pet Alliance executive director Haley Anderson said. “During such unprecedented and politically contentious times, HF737 has proven that protecting our pets is something the majority of Iowans and legislators can agree on, regardless of party.”

Notably, the bill strengthens Iowa Code Chapter 717B Injury to Animals Other Than Livestock. 
It increases criminal penalties for animal abuse and neglect and removes a current owner exemption that bars a pet owner from being charged with animal abuse for abusing their own pet. It clarifies requirements for food, water, and shelter to allow law enforcement and prosecutors to address animal welfare concerns more effectively when they arise. 

The bill also adds requirements for sanitary conditions, grooming and veterinary care. And requires mental health evaluations for juveniles and offenses punishable as an aggravated misdemeanor or class “D” felony.

Jul 2021
Drum roll please…

Jessie and Kyle, Kimble’s foster parents decided that they loved him too much to let him go! Jessie is the incredible veterinary technician at Blue Pearl Cedar Rapids who nurtured this abused puppy through the worst time in his life. And today Kimble, fully recovered from the fractures that were inflicted on him by his former owner on April 1st,2021, has been adopted. Kimble also joins his “sister” Beasley in what will be the start of an incredible new life filled with lots of love. 

Congratulations, Kimble!!!  You deserve only the best.  

Much thanks to Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control and the Cedar Rapids Police Department for their hard work and determination in the investigation of Kimble’s abuse.  Thank you to the Cedar Rapids Prosecutor for bringing this case to justice, and thank you, thank you, thank you to Jessie and Kyle for their tender foster care and giving this beautiful pup a new life.

Jul 2021
Kimble had a baby!!

Kimble and his “sister” Beasley welcomed a new baby, Farrah, to the family!  From the photos, it looks like Kimble has “adopted” baby Farrah as his own!