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Snow's Journey

Snow’s Medical Status:   Adopted into a happy home!

Cost Incurred to Date: $4066


Sep 2021
Snow had limb sparing surgery at Blue Pearl.  

Snow had limb sparing surgery at Blue Pearl.  Sadly, too much time had passed from the impact to do a closed hip reduction.  

This would have saved Snow from an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery which is a salvage procedure.  The veterinarian specialist determined that the cartilage was too broken down to give her a good hip.  This surgery provided Snow with the pain relief that she deserves.  

She was facing several weeks of recovery.

Sep 2021
Snow is recovering nicely

Snow recovering nicely form her FHO surgery to repair a dislocated hip injury sustained when she was hit by a car. She was spoiled and loved to the max by her foster family while she recovered. 

When she is forced to walk slowly, she put weight on her effected leg which is exactly what the vet wanted to see!

A picture paints a thousand words!

Her smile says it all…

Snow continued to recover beautifully in her foster home after her FHO surgery. 

Sep 2021
Snow's recovery does doesn't come cheap

Snow’s medical costs to-date were over $3,700, but online requests for assistance only amounted to $355.  

So, Critter Crusaders reached out to the Friends Helping Friends Foundation for the 3rd time in just a few months.  

In keeping with their mission of enhancing the care for homeless and displaced animals of the Cedar Rapids community, FHFF was happy to award Critter Crusaders a grant through their Animal Welfare Grant Program.

Oct 2021
Snow get's a thumbs up at her recheck appointment

Snow with her friends at Hero’s Haven Rescue following a recheck appointment at the Pet Health Center of Tiffin. 

Snow is doing great!  Her foster mom, Katie, gave Snow what medicine couldn’t - lots of love!  

Nov 2021
Snow (now Lulu) is living her best life

Snow’s 8-week recovery was problem free thanks to a great foster home.

A wonderful family fell madly in love with her, adopted her on the spot, and renamed her LuLu.

She is now happy, healthy and sharing her new life with both human and 4-legged companions.  

LuLu is living proof that there’s hope for every animal, no matter the circumstances.