17 Apr

Springtime Wildlife


In springtime, wild animals become more active as they search for food, mates, and places to care for their young.  The wildlife’s increasing activity often means more potential for conflicts with people. The Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control believes that following these few simple steps can minimize or prevent conflicts with wildlife:

•Please drive carefully and watch for wildlife crossing roadways .
•Never feed wild animals intentionally or they will view your yard as a food source.
•Avoid unintentional feeding by keeping trash and compost secured and by feeding pets indoors. 
•Trim branches near your home, cap your chimney, and repair holes that allow animals to access your house after making sure that they are safely outside.
•Block areas under porches, decks, and outbuildings where animals might choose to den or nest. Be sure that no animals become trapped inside these areas before you close them off or they may cause damage and hurt themselves trying to get out.
•Clean up spilled bird seed from bird feeders; this may attract rodents, and the animals that prey on them.
•Wild animals are rarely in trouble and they do not need rescuing, especially from humans.  Such efforts usually result in a permanent separation from their mother and a sad ending for the wildlife.  Please leave orphaned baby animals alone unless the animal is facing imminent danger.  Some wild parents leave babies alone for part of the day because their camouflage and lack of scent will protect them.  If you decide to prevent an animal from being injured, check with your local animal control officer, wildlife rehabilitator, or humane society before touching the animal.
•Birds do not have scent glands, so baby birds can be carefully lifted back into their nests if they are in imminent danger.  Remember, though, that part of learning to fly comes with being on the ground.  So it’s often best to leave them alone.

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