17 Apr

Leash Laws Protect Your Pet and the Public

The Cedar Rapids Police Department and Animal Care and Control would like to remind citizens that leash laws restricting the roaming of dogs are vital for the safety of the dog as well as the general public.  Off the premises of the owner, an animal is required to be on a leash, chain, or similar restraint not more than six feet in length, and under the control of the owner or walker.  City ordinance also states that no animal is allowed in any area of a city park (with the exception of those following the rules of a designated off-leash park area) unless it is attached to a leash not more than six feet in length and is of sufficient strength to restrain the animal when held by a responsible person.

“If your dog is properly and safely leashed, your dog is much safer than if running loose,” said Diane Webber, Program Manager for Animal Care and Control.  “Not even the best trained dogs are completely trustworthy off lead.”  Dogs can get scared or give chase, and then be at risk of being struck by a car or getting into a fight with another animal.  Some of these animals may carry deadly diseases such as the rabies virus.  Skunks and porcupines have also been spotted in City limits and can pose a dangerous threat to dogs.

Loose dogs are also a risk to the community.  Dogs that are allowed to roam loose can injure human beings or damage property.  Roaming dogs can spread waste and disease – fecal matter is a vector for parasites and illness.

The Police Department and Animal Care and Control encourage citizens to educate themselves and other responsible pet owners about the City’s leash laws.   Besides being unsafe, it is unlawful for an animal to run at large.  Persons in violation of the law may be subject to a fine or impoundment of the animal. 


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